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When Chase decides that he’s had enough of the villains he decides to finish them off.


Chase: That’s it! I’m done with the villains! I’m going to kill them all!

Chase then leaves his pup-house at night and starts his plan to kill the villains.

Chase: The first villain to be killed will be decided on my spinner.

Chase spins the spinner.

Chase: Looks like the spinner landed on Sid so Sid and Arrby here I come!

Chase goes to Sid’s ship.

Sid: PAW Patrol?

Chase then grabs Sid by the neck and starts choking him.

Sid(choking): Hey... Let.. go!!!

Sid was getting desperate but Chase would not stop. Sid then died from suffocation.

Chase: 1 down. The rest to go.

Arrby then comes and sees Sid all dead.

Arrby: Sir? Wake up?

Chase then tackles Arrby.

Chase: Since you aren’t mean to the PAW Patrol usually. I’ll let you choose which way you want to die. Choking, Blood Loss, or Drowning?

Arrby: Please no!

Chase: Well then it’ll just be choking then I guess.

Chase chokes the pup until he died.

Chase: 2 down. The rest to go.

Chase spins his spinner.

Chase: Welp looks like I got the Ruff-Ruff Pack. Time to start.

Chase then goes to the Ruff ruff pack hideout. He decided to bring his Moto Pups uniform too.

Hubcap: Hey you!

Then Chase lunges at Hubcap.

Chase: This time I’ll beat you to death.

Chase then beats Hubcap up and makes him lose a lot of blood. Hubcap died from his injuries. Gasket came and saw it.

Gasket: What? You...

Chase: Ready to join Hubcap in pup hell?

Chase lunged at the Husky and starts ripping her skin and fur, blood came out everywhere. Gasket died very soon.

Chase: Where’s the last one?

Chase: Ah ha Dwayne!

Dwayne: What’s going on.

Chase lunges and headbutts Dwayne.

Chase: You aren’t mean to the PAW Patrol, I’ll let you choose. So here’s your choice. Either I can beat you, choke you, or electrocute you.

Dwayne: No! Have mercy!

Chase: I’ll just beat you then.

Chase beats Dwayne and Dwayne died from his injuries.

Chase: 5 Down, the rest to go.

Chase spins the spinner.

Chase: Sweetie... Hmm she did turn good in the end. Let’s see if she should die or not.

Chase flips a coin.

Chase: Landed on Not Safe so looks like it’s bye bye to you Sweetie.

Chase then travels to Barkingburg and sees Sweetie.

Chase then goes to Sweetie.

Sweetie: What do you want?

Chase: This!

Chase tackles Sweetie and takes out a syringe.

Chase: As a reward for helping us one time I’ll you die painless. Also you can choose the next villain to die.

Sweetie: What?

Chase: Yes. I even flipped a coin whether you should die or not. It was fate.

Sweetie: Kill the Duke of Flappingtion then.

Chase: Ok then.

Chase takes a chloroform-filled napkin and uses it to make Sweetie sleep. He then injects the drugged syringe into her.

Chase: All done!

Chase: Now to the Duke.

Chase sees the Duke of Flappington.

Chase: First things first his bird.

Chase then gets a gun and fires a bullet at Jean-Claude. The eagle dies.

Duke: Jean-Claude no!

Chase laughs.

Chase then takes the gun and shoots the Duke.

Duke: Who is this? Skye?

Chase: Nope it’s her boyfriend Chase, enjoy dying.

The Duke then dies and Chase celebrates. Chase takes a bunch of feathers from Jean-Claude’s body. He travels back to Adventure Bay

Chase: 7 Down, the rest to go.

Chase then goes to Ladybird.

Chase: Since Ladybird loves birds let’s just stuff her with bird feathers. I’ll just put this thingy on so I don’t sneeze.

Chase then sees Ladybird and tackles her.

Ladybird: Hey what are you doing!?

Chase then takes a bunch of feathers from Jean-Claude’s dead body and stuffs them in Ladybird’s nose, mouth, ears, eyes, and chokes her with all the feathers.

Chase: All done!

Chase: 8 down, the Humdingers are left.

Chase then heads over to Foggy Bottom. He sees Meow-Meow. Chase just shoots Meow-Meow.

Chase laughs.

Chase: This is so fun!

Chase: Now the Copycat, this will be tricky.

Chase uses a tracking device that he attached on the copycat after defeating them from last mission.

Chase: So the news cat eh?

Chase then kidnaps “Mr. Nibbles” and takes him to a secret warehouse.

Chase puts “Mr. Nibbles” in a fish tank and closes the lid he then puts earplugs in his own ears and uses an Air Horn to wake the cat up.

Chase: Hello Copycat since you don’t have the meteor you were so easy to capture.

Chase laughs evilly.

Chase then opens the fish tank lid and pours a bunch of water in and closed it. The Copycat was drowning.

Chase laughs again. The Copycat then died.

Chase: This is the best! Next up is the racer.

Chase heads to a race track where The Cheetah is awake polishing her car. Chase tackles her.

The Cheetah: Hey who are you?

Chase: Chase, I am the best friend of the pup that beat you in a race. I’m not here for Marshall or anything just for you.

The Cheetah: Get off of me!

Chase: No and since you’re the Cheetah...

Chase ties her hands behind her back firmly and puts a scuba helmet on the Cheetah and fills it with cheetah blood.

Chase: Enjoy! I made sure the Cheetah blood was fresh.

The Cheetah died from drowning in Cheetah blood.

Chase: I’ve never been so much happier ever!

Chase then goes back to Foggy Bottom and shoots all the Foggy Bottom Boomers.

Chase then gets to Mayor Humdinger’s cave where Harold is there and is plotting to steal the meteor, Chase grabs him from behind and chloroforms him and puts him in a large cage.

Chase then goes to the Kitten Catastrophe Crew, obviously with the thingy that doesn’t make him react to his allergies. He puts them all in a cage one by one while they are sleeping, starting with his own cat clone and finishing off by alphabetical order.

Chase(whispers): Time for the last one.

Chase goes to Mayor Humdinger and then puts him in a cage.

Chase: Time for the grand finale.

Chase takes them to a volcano puts them all in cages and uses a crane to move them around.

Mayor Humdinger wakes up.

Mayor Humdinger: Wait where am I? In a cage?

Chase: Hello, Mayor Humdinger, would you like to save your nephew or your kitties?

Harold wakes up in a cage above the volcano.

Harold: Save me uncle.

The KCC wakes up in a cage above the ocean.

The kittens beg to Mayor Humdinger.

Mayor Humdinger: Just let us go please!

Chase: For not making a valid decision, I’ll just dump you all in the volcano.

Chase then takes all of them and drops them in the volcano, with the exception of Mayor Humdinger.

Chase: Any last words?

Mayor Humdinger: Please! Have mercy! I’m sorry!

Chase: Mmmhmm. By the way even if you did make a decision I would've dumped you all anyway.

Chase then dumps Mayor Humdinger in the volcano.

Chase: Yes! Now I can have peace.

Chase heads back to the Lookout and celebrates his killings.

Chase: I’ve always wanted to do that.

Chase sleeps.


Ryder and the pups woke up and found out about the killings. However they never found out that the murderer was Chase. Chase got away with 24 Counts of murder somehow. Chase never told anyone not even Marshall, Ryder, or Skye that he did it. He still does not regret his actions and his very proud of himself.