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The PAW Patrol Creepypasta Wiki is for fanfiction writers of the Nickelodeon series PAW Patrol, but with a dark side. This wiki is similar to the PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki, but the focus is entirely for "creepypastas" or generally scary stories related to the series.

The PAW Patrol Creepypasta Wiki: Making you hide in your pup-house (or doghouse?) since May 2, 2014.


  1. You must be at least 13 years old to contribute here.
  2. Please keep on the PAW Patrol topic; stories written here should have enough involvement with the series in order to stay.
  3. Do not vandalize people's stories, profile pages, or any other part of this wiki. Doing so is grounds for a permanent block.
  4. Criticism is allowed, but ensure you aren't bashing someone or purposely causing problems.
  5. Do not spam in the comments (e.g. posting a comment that says "fries" or "efnreigrisnfgrensenwewf94584xxxxx"). Comments like these are complete waste of time and are viewed as spam. If you accidentally post such a comment (specifically, one with jumbled text), let an administrator know that it was done in error as soon as possible. If this were to occur, you will be expected not to do it again.
  6. Only admins may edit the home page, and polls if necessary.
  7. All content here should be in the English language.
  8. Directly asking to become an administrator is generally ignored, but if you feel you are truly qualified, don't hesitate to ask and give proper reasoning.
  9. Do not bother an admin on another wiki if you were blocked; being rude about it will either be ignored or lead your block to be extended. However, if you respectfully request to be unblocked, or to have your block shortened, it will be considered.

What we want, and what we don't want...

This is a creepypasta wiki, so make your story as creepy and to the point as you can without violating FANDOM's terms of use.

Additionally, don't make stories that completely defeat the purpose of the wiki (such as "Marshall buys ice cream"), or contain excessive shipping. You may not edit other people's stories without their permission, as this is disruptive.

Reporting a user

If someone is violating our rules, report it to Heinzmorgen the more active administrator. SirBlaze is not active here, but is available to be contacted in the case of an immediate wiki-related emergency (such as someone going on a blanking spree, or generally going crazy across the wiki).

The list of administrators can be found here.

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